What is Physical Education?
Physical Education is an important component of each student’s school experience.  Physical wellness and 
psychomotor skills are developed through a variety of activities.  As a young adult, it is important to acquire and 
refine skills that will enhance quality of life through a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Why it is not ‘Gym’ class?
Years ago, ‘Gym’ class was typified by practices such as: outdated uniforms, militant style command teaching, 
humiliation of the less skilled/ glorification of those athletically gifted, focus on ‘team sports for the now’.
Today’s physical education is much different, and we look forward to showing you how.

Physical Education here at Victor High School:
Victor Central School is recognized nationally as a pioneer in the field of physical education.  Other school districts 
throughout New York State visit Victor to gain ideas ranging from curriculum to assessment.  Our staff has 
continually presented at professional conferences to share our progressive approach in meeting state standards.

Our curriculum is unique and diverse.  We offer, but are not limited to:
*Archery, *Mt. Biking, *Cross Country Skiing, *Canoeing, Dance, *In-line Skating,  *Kayaking, *Orienteering,  *Rock Climbing, Rugby, Wellness (Fitness), *Women’s Self-Defense, *Table Tennis
We also offer more traditional units such as Badminton, Basketball, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Lacrosse, 
Pickleball, Racquetball, Soccer, Softball, Speedball, Team Handball, Tennis, and Volleyball
* offered primarily at the 11th  and 12th grade level
“Our Goal is to set the stage for our students to be active for life”


Mrs. Ahern, Mr. Andre, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Davis, Mr. Ferreri, Ms. Potenza, Mr. Rucker, Mr. Sousa, Mr. Vistocco