What it's about

What's it about?  Vianney Learning 2.0 is about discovery, investigation, and play.  Based on a professional development approach developed by Helene Blower, Vianney Learning 2.0 is designed to be a participatory experience online and off. 

We believe a few things about this process.  First, we believe that professional development is most powerful when it draws upon the strengths and collaboration of our teaching community.  As such, Vianney Learning 2.0 is created around conversations.  Participants will move through a series of investigations that ask them to learn, do, and reflect on cultural materials they find online.  The conversations occur both on and off the computer.  Four late-start days have been set aside for this activity, a total of 6 hours.  Participants are encouraged to chat about the activities before, during, and after this dedicated collaborative time.  

Secondly, this is not necessarily a linear activity.  Everyone must begin with "Blogger" activity, but from there, any activity may be attempted at any time.   Two prominent links are displayed to the left.  One is entitled "Log your progress", the other "Inspiration board".  After you complete an activity, click "Log your progress" and fill out the online form.  Your data will be entered into a spreadsheet and some of it will be displayed on the "Inspiration Board" for other Vianney faculty to see (this particular page is only available to Vianney faculty until September, when you will decide whether to publish it to the world).  If you ever get stuck on a particular activity, drop in on the "Inspiration board" to see if someone else has completed that task.  Check in with them for help or inspiration!  

Finally, Learning 2.0 is also about having fun.  We have a series of prizes (see the Prizes link) to be given out and raffled off as part of this program.  Since we want to celebrate the best parts of this development, you'll notice that our prizes are awarded a bit differently than you might expect.  Check out that page for more details.  

Looking forward to finding out what you discover!
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