After successfully finishing VIA you will receive three credits. This assumes 3 x 25 hours per semester. There will be 14 classes in the semester ie. 50 hours. To receive the credits you have to complete all deliverables:

9/29   create the teams, ideally 4 people a team
9/29   create a team home page (HP), cv of all members deliver on
9/29   choose the date for the presentation (10/6 or 10/13)
10/6   write an essay explaining the idea of your project, put on HP 
10/6   create a wiki/blog tracking your activity
10/6   deliver the project presentation (group one)
10/13 deliver the project presentation (group two(
10/27 prove your idea
11/17 show a set pf features, minimum viable product (MVP) 
12/15 deliver functioning MVP