Vision & Mission

What will you learn?

This course will teach you current Internet technologies and how to use them. We will show the growth of the Internet, sources of data and how to use them for Mashup applications development. We will focus on the most frequently used app on the web - search. We will explain the basics for the REST API design, monitoring, and usage. We will review the basic AJAX architecture from an application point of view. We will provide introduction to NoSQL databases. We also provid a simple introduction for RDF knowledge DBs. We also plan to show conversational applicaitons, such as bots. The course will be closed with the introduction to Big Data and Internet of Things.

To gain the credit you have to complete these steps. This includes designing an application combining at least three API. One API needs to be designed by a student as part of the curriculum. The remaining two can be any currently available API on the net.

You can work on application of your choice (see the technical requirements).

In parallel I will run the eClub. Join us and take part in all or some of the presentations. During Tuesdays meetings we will focus much more on the business side of the Internet applications development. eClub is a club, you will not get any credits, the participation is voluntary. eClub is designed to motivate all students interested in new technologies and turn their dreams to commercial products. Bring your friends, it is open to everybody!

Jan Šedivý, Filip Kolařík, Jan Pichl, Tomáš Bařina, Tomáš Tunys,