Vision & Mission

What will you learn?
The objective of this course is the introduction to the new trends and technologies for storing, managing and processing of Big Data. The course will focus on methods for Big Data analysis as well as a description of a hardware infrastructure. The emphasis will be on a practical hands-on experience in managing and analyzing persistent and streamed data. The examples of Big Data processing will be focused on the basic information retrieval processing. 

eClub  incubator 
Students interested in Big Data and analytics can also join us working on real industrial projects the eClub, which will run in parallel. It is designed for students interested in new technologies and working on real industrial problems. Some of the projects turn to a MSc theses. eClub sponsors the students with scholarships.

Jan Šedivý, Tomáš Vondra, Tomáš Tunys, Tomáš Gogár