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Mouse Squad

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"Mouse has given me the opportunity to learn skills that I otherwise wouldn't of learned elsewhere -- skills that most high school students don't even have."
Wilson, Mouse Squad Member, New York

With Mouse’s original content, engaging resources and support, you can learn, lead and create with technology.

The Mouse Squad program empowers youth to become the technology and digital media experts in their schools and communities. At Mouse, young people don’t just play, use, and consume technology; they take essential first steps as fixers, designers, and makers, learning to experiment, build from failure, and iterate ideas.

Through our Mouse Squad Certification, students are members of student-led expert teams that support technology in their community.

Students can also build advanced skills by specializing in these creative technology areas:

  • Garage Robotics: learn about how electronic components come together to make technologies work.
  • Serious Games: discover the building blocks of game design and explore the world of socially responsible gaming.
  • GreenTECH: learn about alternative sources of energy and how to improve energy usage in their schools.
  • Web Making: develop critical web literacy skills through coding, exploring and connecting online.

What we do for you:

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Visit www.mousesquad.org!