The VH Media Screening Room


Official Description:
VH Media is happy to introduce a new viewing experience for students: The Screening Room. The VH Media Screening Room’s goal is to present both classic and contemporary films to students. We will be showing a new film just about every week. Updates on screenings will be posted on our Instagram account, and we hope to see you at a future screening!

In February of 2019, Matthew Huh began playing movies in the TV studio room, starting with a premiere film of Neil Breen's Fateful Findings. This screening was limited to people who regularly went to the Media Room during 6th Period lunch.

Next, he hosted a screening of The Little Panda Fighter as a test screening to determine if films can be shown.

The "inaugural" film showcase was for Ratatoing (2007) on February 27, 2019. It was considered the first film shown in the screening room because it was publicly advertised. During the screening of Ratatoing, the head of VH Media ended the screening early because permission was not granted to use the room.

Huh finally received proper permission to run a screening room. On March 4th, Matthew Huh created an official Instagram page for the VH Media Screening Room, @vhscreeningroom, and on March 5th he announced a public screening of Christopher Robin for March 6th, 2019 at 1:05 pm.
John Bilkey,
Mar 5, 2019, 10:34 AM