On the planned transition to HTML from Google Sites

This plan has been set back. I'll move this website to my personal Google account, then make everything HTML senior year.  Making a search engine capable of being searched is very difficult and because DuckDuckGo is blocked I am unable to just use DuckDuckGo to search Bangaroo.

At the end of the 2017 school year, I will migrate Bangaroo from the school's Google Sites to my personal HTML server. This will allow more features to be added, as well as ensuring that Bangaroo will not be deleted when we graduate from Vernon Hills High School.

Why not do the conversion senior year?
Classic Google Sites will possibly be closed down before then, and it will be a very large site at that point. Bangaroo is at almost 1GB now.

What does this mean for Bangaroo contributors?
You'll have a few options. I know that you can edit HTML and connect to my server with your chromebooks if you'd like to, but it is easier using Microsoft Windows.
As far as HTML, you have 2 options. You can learn basic HTML (I will keep it easy to work with Bangaroo pages), or you can type up what you want to add in Google Docs and export it as a .html file. HTML is easy to learn and it's a great programming language to learn!

What should I do to prepare my pages for this?
Okay, well everything has been working perfectly in the test conversions so far, except you will have to update YouTube videos you add to pages. I'm working on figuring out a fix but I think I'll have to do the modifications.

What will it look like?
New look (yeah, I'm working on it!)

Classic (current) look