Message from LMC -- Keeping LMC working as a community space

September 4, 2018  7:29 PM

Dear students,

Your Library Media Center is a place for all students to enjoy and use. To keep the LMC working well as this shared community space, we will enforce rules of kindness. All the rules we have are to be kind to others.
  • No food allowed. You're welcome to have a drink with a lid.
  • 70 students may scan in each period. After that large number is reached, others will be asked to go to your regularly scheduled study hall room.
  • Students whose level of speaking or behavior is disruptive to others will be asked to leave the LMC for 5 school days.
Your LMC is here for you! We strive to be a resource that allows all students to work and talk with friends.


Ms. Tolva