Krumpack Whale (Game)

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John was working on a new ultra-lightweight game engine around February / March 2016 and was thinking of game ideas to show off the new engine. After Ms. Krumpack repeatedly joked of giving students the "wet noodle treatment", he  thought of the ultimate game idea - Krumpack Whale (a play-on-words of Humpback Whale) and got Ms. Krumpack's permission to continue making the game. It's a simple game where you neutralize noodles and HIV viruses. It was the first game by John to feature achievements.

The first version of the game was quite different than the current one. The soundtrack was a techno style copyright free song and had different sounds. The current version features "Hi Rollers", a song played during the Fitnessgram Pacer Test. Likewise, the game also features the bell rings and dings from the Pacer test. I think I remember that you could hear the pacer sounds from in Ms. Krumpack's room, so it makes some sense. The game also now has a swimming animation for the whale.

As the game aged, John spent good chunks of time playing it to find bugs. The slow-paced style became very boring and easy quickly, so he decided to create an Extreme version in April of 2016. It features "MLG" text, sound effects, and popup images. The Krumpack Whale has MLG glasses and a DNA machine gun.

The Story:
You're the first of a new species of whale, and must live through the struggle for survival and fend off the evil wet noodles, and even the HIV virus in a Biology class themed game. Use your new trait, the ability to correct broken DNA by firing fresh and perfect DNA strands into mutated noodles and viruses, to save the world!

How to Play:
The Krumpack Whale Test is a multi-stage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The noodle speed starts slowly, but gets faster as time passes. On your mark, get ready, START

Use the arrow keys to move up and down, and space bar to shoot

The game was breifly quite popular and came to the attention of the school administration. John could have gotten in loads of trouble until Ms. Krumpack stated that she had approved the game. All is honky-dory after that incident.

Some Achievements:
Mitosis - Kill 2 "Wet Noodles" with 1 strand of DNA
Meiosis - Kill 4 "Wet Noodles" with 1 strand of DNA
Noodles & Krumpany - Shoot 20 noodles
Natural Selection - Die 5 times
And a TON more!

Extreme Krumpack Whale advertisement. Note: The URL no longer works.

Additional Downloads:
These are old versions, the files are preserved as a historical record. After an Adobe Flash update they no longer work. This includes Chromebooks.
Get the original version of Krumpack Whale (old music)
Get the old Krumpack Whale .swf file (for Linux/ChromeOS and old flash versions)
Get the old Extreme Krumpack Whale .swf file (for Linux/ChromeOS and old flash versions)