Halloween Costume Policy 2018

Good Morning,

Students at VHHS are allowed to wear costumes to school for Halloween if you so choose.  We ask that students remember that Halloween is a normal day of school and any costumes cannot disrupt from the educational setting.  With that in mind we ask that all students follow the following guidelines:
No face coverings, masks, or FULL face paint. We need to be able to identify students (i.e.; No ghosts, masks from horror movies, etc.)

Costumes that are provocative, too revealing, or have questionable props will not be permitted (i.e.; “pimp,” prostitute, props relating to  tobacco/alcohol/drugs/sex/etc.) Costumes that do not meet our Student Appearance guidelines (please refer to the student handbook online under dress code) will not be permitted.

Costumes that portray a derogatory stereotype of an individual’s race, culture, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, heritage, disability, or religion are not permitted.

Props such as weapons and inappropriate items will be confiscated. This includes props or make-up that suggest bodily harm. Costumes that are too graphically violent are also prohibited. Please refer to your student handbook (weapons/dangerous objects heading), for the school policy on school weapons.

Any other costumes that cause or could reasonably be expected to cause a substantial disruption to the orderly operation of the school or its activities or an interference with the rights of other students or staff members are prohibited.

Students must wear appropriate footwear at all times.  Going barefoot or wearing socks without shoes creates a safety hazard and will not be allowed.

Thanks, and have a Happy Halloween.

Mr. Stilling

Greg Stilling
Assistant Principal
Vernon Hills High School
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