El Paso, Texas - as far west as you can get and still be in Texas. Located right on the border of Mexico, its sister city, Juarez, Mexico is actually larger, making the entire metro area around 2.7 million. It is also located close to the border with New Mexico and the city of Las Cruces is often included in the greater metro area.  When you hear you're moving to Texas, you may think of the larger cities of Dallas, Houston and Austin, but in actuality, El Paso is closer to some places in California than we are the other side of Texas! Texas is HUGE, second  in size only to Alaska.

Deb Roennebeck
East side - there is definitely more homeschool activities on the east side but the west side has a few as well! But my advice would be to not go too far east.  The area between Lee Trevino and Hawkins has some older but nice houses and will have more "green" (well established trees etc) which make a HUGE difference in the summertime with it being so hot.  A grass yard is hard to keep (they ration water so you can only water on certain days) and they have many places with rock landscaping for front yards because of this, which saves on your water bill too - the down side being that not having grass adds a lot of heat to your home and the rocks get stuff in them so they are hard to keep looking nice.   So you will have to decide which is more important to you.

If you can afford it, look for refrigerated air. Most houses have swamp coolers (evaporative coolers) and they used to be fine.  However, the climate has changed so much because of landscaping and the addition of so many swimming pools that it is no longer dry enough for them to function well during our rainy season (which is longer than it was when I was a teen). For that reason, if you have a swamp cooler, there will be a couple of months in the summer that will be very humid during the hottest months and your cooler won't do a thing.

If you like to swim, our season here is usually between April and early October. For us, well worth it. When the kids were little, we had an above ground pool. With it, we could put the ladder up and ties it so that no one could get in when we didn't want them to, and when they got older, we got a house with an in ground pool. If you do have little ones, many people have their pools gated off and locked.

Beatriz Baeza
We live in the central part of the city. The homes are older and more sturdy. The bedrooms are bigger. Garages are usually in the back or on the side instead of on the front yard. East side homes seem to have smaller bedroons. West side homes are big and expensive, I think. They're very nice, though.
Living in central is great because you're never more than 30 minutes away from anything, although it's beginning to  get to 45 minutes the more EP spreads. The only downer  for us is that most of our activities are on the west side, and I'm sick of freeway traffic. I get a break on Tuesdays when Transmountain gets us closer to our destination. It still comes out to about 30-40 minutes depending on northeast traffic. which never seems as bad as I-10. There's scenery and calm instead of tail lights and clutch. Transmountain is always enjoyable, especially with poppies. There are great sunsets!
I heard swamp coolers are better for the skin because of the moisture in the air. We live with one. We're used to dry heat. Swamp cooler totally useless on humid days. We just turn on the fan, no water. Still hot unless we break out portable fans everywhere. We just could never afford ref rig air. I try not to spoil my body too much which make the adjustments to life a bit less extreme and miserable if that makes any sense.
El Paso weather is GREAT. Except occasional winds in March/April and fall? Dress in layers and keep water bottle on hand. Sunscreen and hats are a must--"Sun City" Lots of friendly and helpful people.
Plenty to do. Nothing HUGE like Disney land, but lots of events.  Sports, music, culture, plus close to NM. Cloudcroft, Hatch. There's a monthly paper called "Scene" that lists everything with cost and info available at libraries and other pickup spots. Also there's  a new website with city listing events and attractions called "Visit El Paso, Texas".

Lincon dairy
Trail Life USA for boys and American Heritage Girls for, well, girls on Westside.
UTEP music events
Audubon group
Really lots if one puts there mind to it.
Good churches. We are at Coronado Baptist on Westside.
Haven't seen lots of bike lanes.
Oh except I notice i rarely find the books with a Christian theme at the library. Creation ideas--never find them. Downer