What are you proud of from your child?????
Open Book

When you read a book, what happens? You are brought into someone’s life story, or a portion of their story. The book you just happen to be reading one day may be the part of a woman’s life when she falls in love; the trials she faces, her thoughts, feelings, or fears. Or it might be the beginning of a young boy’s journey to manhood and his hardship along the way.

Sometimes we pick up a book that begins with the birth of a child and throughout its pages we see that it’s a detailed document of that child’s life. How he grows, learns, and discovers; how he loves, hates, strives to find goals and how he achieves them; what his stumbling blocks are and how he surpasses them. Before you read that book, however, there were only two people who knew that story: the Author and the main character.

What if our lives were similar? What if our lives were open books? Do you tremble at the thought that someone may know your secrets? That someone has watched your every breath and recorded it in history? The fact is, our lives are open books with one author and many readers.

Who are the readers you might ask? They are the people in your everyday life. The people who watch you make promises and then break them, or the people who hear you declare your Christianity and see that you live a lie. Readers are the people who pass you in Wal-Mart, or flirt with you in the mall. Every human being you look at, talk to, hug, kiss, glance at, or ignore, is reading a portion of your book. Some judge your story at a fleeting glance, others after a sentence or paragraph, and still others will read you cover to cover.
What would your readers say after they read your book? Would they encourage others to read it? Would they quote it? Or would they be sorry they wasted so much of their valuable time? Would they be disappointed or would they strive to live a life similar to yours?

The Author is, of course, GOD. He guides your life in one direction toward what he has made you to be, though He will not stop you from turning away. He teaches you important lessons and morals, or molds you into the hero needed, by the bringing in or taking away of a sub-character. And as in every story, there will be a time where your faith, courage , and honor will be tested; a time when you will believe you are alone against an impossible enemy and what you do in that moment will make or break the readers around you.

Every unexpected event in your book will never be unexpected to the Author, for He knows the ending of the story. And every choice you make in every event no matter how small will be the difference between life and death for you and your readers when the enemy strikes.

So imagine for a moment that your life is an open book… what would you want it to say? 


Mommy and Me
Cameron Roennebeck (6 years old)

It's just us
you and me
It's just us
my mommy and me.

We love each other
We're as happy as can be
We love each other
Just her and me.

She is a beauty
So wonderful to see
She's a beauty
Wonderfully with me.

On my mothers special day
Cardina Roennebeck (10 years old)

On my mothers special day
She loves to laugh and play
And people love to drop by and say
"Happy Mothers Day!"

Happy Moms have happy kids
They'll remember all the things they did
How they used to laugh and play
And celebrate on Mothers Day

Grandma's all get misty eyed
And their arms just open wide
When their babies, babies say
Grandma! Happy Mothers Day

And someday when I grow big
And I have my own kid
I'll be glad to hear them say
Mommy! Happy Mothers day!

Dear Mother
Christian Roennebeck (7 years old)

Dear mother,
I love you
And I really wish to say
That I hope we'll be together
Alone someday.

To go to the playground
Or go out to eat
To have us a picnic
Or an ice cream treat

To have fun together
I want you to know
Our time alone is precious
'Cause I love you so.

"Optimus Prime" 
Here is a photo showing how the Roberts boys use educational letter magnets! 

People  (11 years old)

Some people are black some people are white, any color is precious in the Fathers sight.
Some can walk, some use canes, but still to Jesus we are all the same.
There are so many different kinds of people, but not every person can go to a steeple.
Some red, some yellow, but we are still made from the same fellow.
We all wait to see the day when Jesus comes to take us away.
There are people all over the world (13 years old) 

There are homeless boys and girls but in Gods eyes they are worth more than pearls.
Different people, big and small, but God loves them all.
Some people love Jesus,some don't.
No matter where they are, Jesus watches over them, near and far.
Some live in houses, some live in huts, some have cats, some have mutts.
God loves them no matter where they live, and what they look like.

Paul Revere
Christian Roennebeck (10 years old)

Paul Revere rides through town 
Warning "The redcoats are coming down!"
Grab your guns grab your scythe
Tonight we fight for a free life
Paul Revere rode through the night
Come on good men, its time to fight.

My Mother is the best
Cameron Roennebeck (7 years old)

My mother is the best
Although she's sometimes mean
She sometimes rests
She's the best I've ever seen

Again my mom's the best
Though she makes me do my chores
And she makes me take my test
When I'd rather be outdoors.

But still my mom's the best
I'll say it once again
She can really be a pest
But she's my very bestest friend.

Grandmas are nice
Annaliesa Roennebeck  (9 years old)

Grandmas are nice.
Grandmas are sweet.
But you are the sweetest of all.
When we go out to lunch together
I really have a ball.
It's nice to know that you're around
When I am feeling blue.
Out of all the Grandma's in the world
The best one is clearly YOU!!

Mothers day plans
Annaliesa Roennebeck (13 years old)

Mothers day is tomorrow
I'll make some plans for us
Two dollars I must borrow
So we can ride the bus

I'll take you out for dinner
And Ice Cream all that day
But since I am completely broke
I guess you'll have to pay

And then we can go shopping
At the mall or even better
At Wal-mart we'll be stopping
I want that hot pink sweater!

What?!? You don't like my idea?
Well, I guess I'll have to say
"I'm going to my friends house! See ya'!"
"Oh, and Happy Mothers Day!"