We have a library of curriculum donated by home schooling moms
other home schooling moms to check out. If you wish to keep the items that you've checked out, we do allow this. We only ask that you make a donation to the ministry. The amount is between you and God. We trust you to be faithful.

How it works:

* Contact our librarian, Cassie Adair to arrange a time to meet at Vista Hills Church.
* Choose the curriculum you feel that you need. If you have trouble, someone will be on hand to help you.
* Once you have everything you need, check the material out for a year.
* When you are finished with your material and/or are ready for new items, contact Cassie Adair again to meet for the return of them and to choose new material.
* If you would like to donate items that you already had, also contact Cassie Adair to bring them to her.

* We don't always have everything you might need. If you need something specific that we don't have available in our library,
please contact the group. Even if no one has the items you're looking for, often someone will know where to find it!