In better days before public schooling became the institution we have today.

Getting Started  - The Basics
A detailed, comprehensive letter with tips and links to help you get started.
Runaway Train 
Video - Good information on the benefits of Home Schooling
Home Schooling Grows Up
Statistically, how successful is homeschooling?

Public Schools and the Great Commission 

Video discussing: Are the Public Schools Mission Fields or Indoctrination Centers?
Do the Public Schools sabotage the Gospel?
Should Christian Parents send their Children to the Public Schools?

Eight Great Things NOT to do for Homeschooling Success

Three Easy to Remember Opportunities for Living the Educational Life

Homeschooling "on the Move" - Advice for Military Families

Graduation Help

Home School Regulations

Homeschool Legal Defense Association - Texas Laws

Texas Homeschool Coalition - Home

Texas Homeschool Coalition FAQs page - How to Get Started

El Paso Support Groups

Fort Bliss Homeschoolers

El Paso Liberty Homeschool

El Paso Christian Homeschool

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Wisdom From The Old Schoolhouse

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