Deb Roennebeck

Life of Fred Math
Apologia - the old ones by Jay Wile or Jeannie Fulbright (the company was bought out and the new ones are very flawed)
Mystery of History - ancient to near history (4 books starting from Adam)
Learning Through History Unit studies (magazine)
Ready, Set, Remember -   OLD book from the 70's I found on Ebay to help memorize the Presidents and the states and capitols
Which way USA - by Highlights Magazine - each puzzle book teaches on one state
Spelling Power - one book for their whole time in school
Kaplan Vocabulary Cartoons - has cartoons that help the kids remember the definition of new words
Times tales - tool to help memorize multiplication tables
Word Wealth by Miller - Old text book that has grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure (there are many different levels - I got mine on Ebay)
The Light and the Glory, From Sea to Shining Sea and Sounding forth the Trumpet - Peter Marshal Jr. - God providential history of the united states (books and CD's)

Favorite "World View" reading:
Why I believe - James Kennedy
I kissed Dating Goodbye - Josh Harris
Do hard things (a teenage rebellion against low expectations) - Alex Harris, Brett Harris (little brothers of Josh Harris above)

Other authors (in addition to the ones listed above):
Ken Ham
David Barton
David Menton
Josh McDowell

Video series I like:
Moody Science videos - any of their series (even the old ones from the 60's and 70's)
Answers in Genesis - PH'd scientists give evidence for the creation account (probably did more to develop my world view than any other single organization)
David Macaulay - Does fantastic video's on architecture - such as how they build a castle or Roman city, how the drainage works, why they selected the land, how they defended it - where they went potty - everything you could want to know.  Really great, entertaining videos!
Wallbuilders - American History - Original intent.  David Barton, founder of wallbuilders has the largest collection of original founding fathers documents in the world and he knows his stuff!!

Susan Alexander

My Father's World Kindergarten - we loved this - it's a literary-based, unit-based kindergarten curriculum that is really fun and engaging and God-centered.  Didn't love the first grade curriculum nearly as much.
Life of Fred - story-based math program - my daughter was miserable doing math before FredStory of the World - Elementary to Middle School appropriate story-based history program.  With the activity book there is a ton to do and it's really fun.  Lots and lots to learn.
Real Science Odyssey - I can only speak to Life Level 1, but we have really enjoyed this thorough but easy to understand science curriculum.  Very hands on, but mostly using stuff that's easy to find/buy.

Samara Loschiavo

To be honest, I go with the flow of what my daughter enjoys. We used some Abeka (earlier years), especially for reading. We've used lap books, Apologia for Science and ACE (Accelerated Christian Education). 

Isabella is in 5th grade. We currently use ACE because she truly LOVES it. She will shout it to the world!! Ha!  She like structure and goals, so this works great for us. We also are doing Apologia's Zoology. Now, she may change her mind in a few years, but as long as she is enjoying her work now, I'm ok with that.

I personally think it is important to be in tune with the child's learning style and preferences. It can be hard to find the curriculum that fits, but not impossible. It makes life easier when the child actually enjoys or likes what they do for learning :)

This is my humble opinion :)

*Deb Ronnebeck
I also liked Abeka readers when they were little. Lots of stories I remembered from the readers when I was young.  Great to take to the Dr. office to pass the time etc.  I also liked to get two of them and have the kids stand and read (once they were that age) and I would have the other and sit in my chair so I could follow along.  And the Apologia is wonderful.  They didn't have the younger ones when my kids were young (or else I hadn't discovered them yet) so in addition to my Apologia high school courses, on one day a week (Grandma day) we would do those.  They are good for any age - not just younger kids.  It is good solid science.