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 The Portrait – George Washington: A National Treasure

 Web Gallery of Art

How to Draw It

Twisty Noodle.com

Famous People Painting

Mirkwood Designs Templates

Famous art coloring pages

Coloring Pages

Cornell School of Ornithology- Common Birds Coloring Pages

Disciple Guide - Free Resources Coloring Sheets Downloads

Driver's Ed.

Driver's Prep

Free Materials

21 Free eBooks - Barnes and Noble

The Homeschool Freebie of the Day

Papa Jan Coloring Pages

* Children's Books Forever

My Free Flash Cards

TLS Books - Free Coloring Pages

We give Books

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The Classroom


Play to Learn

Internet4Classrooms – 2nd Grade Level

The Homeschooler's Notebook

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

 Study Stack

* HTwins.net

Toy Theater - Puzzles

Varsity Learning Tools

ZING – Schoolwide’s new online digital library

16 Best Educational Websites and Apps for Kids - 2016 Edition


Middle East Map

Middle East Historical Map

Ben’s Guide: Place the State - Level  1

Ben’s Guide: Place the State – Level 2

I Like to Learn Menu

Map Test

Scott Bryce – United States Geography

Test Your Geography Knowledge – USA

Teacher Planet: Social Studies Worksheets and Printables

Southern Baptist Capitols

My Wonderful World

Bible Map.org

State of Play - Play and Learn the 50 States

German Mythology

German Heroes

OMACL – The Niblungenlied

The Niblungenlied – Translated by Peter Needler


Grammar Learned Actively

Grammar Menu

The Tongue Untied

Language Art

The Grammar Gorillas

Grammar Bytes

Grammar Songs

Kids Freesouls

Parts of Speech Games

Toon University – Parts of Speech

Easy Define

7 Grammar Mistakes that Make you Look Dumb

Test Your Vocabulary

Handwriting Practice

Writing Cursive Pages from Crayola

Handwriting Worksheets

Health Care

Microsoft Health Vault

My Med Schedule.com

Historical Music

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Popular Sings in American History

Classics for Kids



A Book in Time

Alice Williamson Diary

Civil War

All Hands on Deck! USS Constitution Educator Resources

American Heritage Education Foundation

American President – Resource on U.S. Presidents

Famous Moments in Early American History

Eyewitness to History

Librivox – Give Me Liberty by Patrick Henry

School History – History Resources

Virtual  Jamestown

Quotes from the Founding Fathers

The Learning Pages – Especially for Teachers

American History: Growth of a Nation

Celebrating Flag Day

An In-Depth Look at D-Day

National Archives Experience - Digital Vaults

Drive Thru History

The Holiday Zone - Reformation Day

The Love to Learn Place - Reformation Day 

The Middle Ages

Grace Fellowship Church - Martin Luther and Reformation Day

The Selected Works of Martin Luther

Food Timeline

Proclamation of Thanksgiving

* Playing History

Animated History of the United States

Learning Liftoff

3D Video of events as they transpired in Pompeii

After High School Resources

Best Schools in Arizona - College/

Christian World View

Public Schools and the Great Commission 

Video discussing: Are the Public Schools Mission Fields or Indoctrination Centers?
Do the Public Schools sabotage the Gospel?
Should Christian Parents send their Children to the Public Schools?

Learning Games

 Cool Math Games for Kids


Shockwave Online Games

Funbrain - Number Words

$pending $pree

Practice Counting Money Games

Sheppard Software

The Rhyme Zone




A Plus Math

Count Us in Games

Cross the River Math Game


AAA Math - Fourths

Home School Math

Exercises in Math Readiness

AAA Math – Place Values

Multiplication Made Easy

 Cool Math.com

Cool Math for Kids

Donald Duck in: Mathmagic Land

Math Worksheet Land

Money Math

Counting Money

My Schoolhouse – Counting Money

Quia – Counting Change

The Mega Penny Project

Counting Money Tutorials

Allowance Manager

Family Mint

Guide to Money


Berklee Shares.com

Morton Subotnick’s Creating Music

I Learn Music.com

Free On-Line Piano Lessons

About.com: Online Music Education Games

PianoNanny.com: Piano on the Net

Free Music Education Center

Classics for Kids

Christian Homeschool Hub

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Odds and Ends

Scott Bryce

Dial A Human

We Transfer

Story Time for Me

Michael's - Passport to Imagination

* Teri's Paper Doll Scans

* Kids World

* Youth World

* Arizona Edventures

Good Typing

One Place for Special Needs

One Place for Special Needs - Resources

The Newspaper Clipping Generator

We Give Books: Read a Book - Give a Book

Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French & German

Organizational Forms

Oklahoma Home School Forms and Free Workshops

Paper Rater



The Presidential Hangman Game

TLS Books - Free Presidential Coloring Pages


Education World - Sites to see: The Heart

Electricity Worksheet Key

About.com – Profiles Index

What’s the Matter? – Matter Worksheet

Neuroscience for Kids – Modeling the Nervous System

Astronomy Picture of the Day - NASA

Dynamic Periodic Table

Learn What's Up

My American Farm

* Peep and the Big Wide World

* The Scale of the Universe

* Nature Works

Untamed Science

Pollinator Partnership

The Why Files

TED-Ed Interactive Periodic Table



Internet Martial Arts

Teacher Resources

Fast Transcripts

Fast Transcripts - GPA Calculator

* Browse Teacher Resources

* Money Palooza Lesson Plans

Annenberg Learner

K5 Computer Lab

Video Lesson Plans

Homeschool Tracker

Sight Words

Newton's Apple Teacher Guide

Transcripts - the key to free college (Radio Show)

P*E*A*H*'s Homeschool Transcript Template

Fast Transcripts

Dual Credit at Home - How to Complete a High School Transcript


BBC Education – Dynamo – Matching Time

Born Thinker – Smiley Clock

Clock Program

Just in Time – A Matter of Time

Stop the Clock


Worksheet Generators

The Math Worksheet Site

Social Studies Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets - Math

Twisty Noodle

Easter Themed Math Worksheets from:




Basic Division

Subtraction with Regrouping

Education.com - Free Worksheets

Friend of Learning

Math Worksheet Land