Any student for  BE, ME can avail I-card @10 Rs from student section and sign and stamp will be done after submission of current semester fee

Steps for New admitted student for Smart Lib I- card Collection

1.I- card is issued to new admitted student( BE-1, D2D & ME-1) after enrollment process by submit filled I-CARD form at department.
2.It is also mandatory for all student to fill up ON LINE DATA FORM-NEW ADMITTED STUDENT-BE-ME-D2D 
3. I- card will  issued on data filled up by student in on data form -new admitted student- BE-D2D-ME .
4.Check Status of  I-card  college website .
5.Collect I- card from Department Coordinator.

DUPLICATE Smart library I-CARD@100 Rs
Duplicate Library SMART  I-card will issued by LIBRARY in case of lost , submit 100 Rs Duplicate I card Fee In SBI-VGEC- GENERAL FEE OR IN CASH 100 Rs AT ACCOUNT SECTIONSubmit Filled Duplicate I- card Form and E-receipt OR Receipt to  Library Section
response time :15 days

Correction in  NEW Smart Lib  I card detail

Submit an application to LIBRARY SECTION along with photocopy of NEW Smart Lib  I card with corrected detail to be written on photocopy of I card within 10 days of receipt of original I card.No corrected I card will issued if not claimed within 10 DAY.Corrected I card will be issued on submission of old I card from Department coordinator. No old case will consider for i- card correction.

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