Pizitz Math Tournament

Pizitz Middle School Mathematics Tournament

Cindy D. Wright Tournament


Dear Mathematics Team Sponsor:


The Pizitz Middle School Mathematics Department invites your school to participate in our 31st annual Mathematics Tournament for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students on Saturday, April 21, 2018.  The 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Pizitz math team members will not be competing.  Test items were written by former seventh and eighth grade team members and edited by the sponsors.


Students enrolled in a fifth or sixth grade math course that is below Pre-Algebra are eligible to compete at the sixth grade or higher level.  Students enrolled in a seventh grade math course that is no higher than Pre-Algebra are eligible to compete at the seventh grade or higher level.  Students enrolled in an eighth grade math course no higher than Algebra I are eligible to compete at the eighth grade level.  Test items will reflect the grade level curriculum as well as enriched connections.  Copies of previous years’ tests are available at https://sites.google.com/a/vestavia.k12.al.us/vicki-cato/pizitz-math-tournament.


Schools will compete in one of three divisions based on school enrollment.  Different teachers from the same school may not enter different teams competing at the same grade level.


All students will take a one-hour test with twenty-five multiple-choice items and three free-response tiebreaker problems.  Scores will be computed by 4R-W.  Items left blank will not be counted right or wrong.  Ties will be broken using the three tie-breakers in order, and then by reverse scoring of the twenty-five multiple-choice items if needed.


All students will cipher back in their testing classrooms.  Students will be given four sheets of five problems each.  They will have six minutes to work each page of problems.  Each correct answer is 5 points.  The top four ciphering scores per school will be used for the school’s ciphering score.  Also if there is an individual test tie that cannot be broken by the tie breakers and backward scoring we will use the individuals ciphering score.


Individual awards will be based on written test scores only.  A team score will be determined by the sum of the team’s ciphering score and its four highest test scores.  Team ties will be broken by the ciphering score and then, if needed, the four highest tests tiebreakers.  A maximum of ten individual and five team trophies will be awarded in each division’s level if a sufficient number of students are registered for that level. 


Please return the enclosed registration form and check by Friday, March 30, 2018 if your school would like to participate.  Scantron forms and room assignments will be mailed to participating schools around April 10th. 

No late registration will be accepted due to the size of the tournament.

No registration will be accepted without a check.


Vicki Cato, Michelle Binder, Laura Morrison

REGISTRATION FORM                               

Pizitz Mathematics Tournament

April 21, 2018



SCHOOL ENROLLMENT (not number competing) BY GRADE LEVEL (failure to include your school’s grade level enrollment will result in being placed in large school division): 


                             SIXTH  _______                SEVENTH _______              EIGHTH _______

Sponsor(s) ______________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address __________________________________________________

                           __________________________________________________    FAX  (        )                       

E-mail Address(es)  _______________________________________________________________________


                                 6th Grade _____              7th  Grade _____             8th  Grade _____                

                                                                                          Total # Competing ______ X $6.00   $ _________ 



                                                                                      TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED:  $ _________

PLEASE MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO:      Pizitz Middle School Math Team

           Please mail this completed form with entry fee to:     



      To register complete and send this registration form with a check (download file at   


            An e-mail acknowledgement will be sent to confirm receipt of your

            school’s registration and payment.  Please include your school name in any 

            e-mail correspondence.    


If numbers exceed capacity, registrations with payment postmark March 31st will be accepted in the order received.  

Due to the size of the tournament we will not accept late registration. 

Due to the size of the tournament we will not hold places without payment.                        

No school may register on the day of the tournament.

Tournament information and scantrons will be mailed by April 10, 2018. 



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