Splunk for Nagios 
                    Version 3.0.0


  • Splunk for Nagios allows you to integrate the Open Source monitoring solution "Nagios" with Splunk.


 * Schedule Saved Searches in Splunk to send alerts to Nagios
 * Status Dashboard feat. recent Alerts and Notifications
 * Host Availability Dashboard & Top 100 Alerts
 * Host Dashboards with Graphs of metal level metrics (CPU, Memory, Swap, Load, Disk Usage, Network Interface Utilization, Processes, etc) sourced from Nagios Plugin Performance Data (Linux, AIX, BSD and Windows hosts supported)
 * NAS Dashboards
 * Cisco Network Dashboards with Graphs of Network Interface Utilization, CPU, Memory, Temperature and Gateway Usage
 * Integration with MK Livestatus - feat. 8 dashboards updated with live status data from Nagios
 * Acknowledge Service Alerts and Schedule Host & Service Downtime in Nagios directly from Splunk (via MK Livestatus)
 * 14 Saved Searches - featuring a CMDB report and Host & Service Group reports
 * 5 Event Types - featuring Scheduled Downtime for Hosts & Services

Version 3.0.0 Enhancements

 * All of the external lookup scripts for MK Livestatus have been updated with support for multiple MK Livestatus servers. 
 * A number of field extractions have been updated, as well as additional macros and a new event type.
 * I have also added several very powerful dashboards:
  * Livestatus Network Health
  * Livestatus Service Alerts
  * Livestatus Host SLA
  * Livestatus Service SLA
  * Livestatus Host Groups
  * Livestatus Service Groups
  * Livestatus Service Acknowledgement
  * Livestatus Host and Service Downtime
  * Host Availability
  * Top 100 Alerts
 * All dashboards are now configured to use JSChart (JavaScript instead of Flash)

Splunk for Nagios is Very Powerful

  • Download Splunk for FREE from splunk.com then install Splunk for Nagios to graph metal level metrics for all of your linux, aix and windows hosts and for NAS devices.
  • Now you can monitor, manage and troubleshoot all your devices from one single pane of glass with Splunk for Nagios.
  • Get out of the 1980's and replace Cacti, Munin, MRTG, Orca, etc. with Splunk for Nagios... no more rrd configuration and no more agents to install.
  • Why poll for data twice? Splunk for Nagios creates the performance graphs automatically!
  • Splunk for Nagios also has another huge advantage over rrd based graphing solutions, and that is you can graph performance and capacity metrics with full fidelity, ie. no more 'averaged out' rrd based graphs.
  • Note: the free version of Splunk is fully featured! You get all of the Enterprise features of Splunk for 60 days and you can index up to 500 megabytes of data per day. At anytime you can convert to a perpetual Free License or purchase an Enterprise License to continue using the expanded enterprise functionality, namely: multiple user accounts, distributed architecture and deployment for greater scaling, summary indexing for faster reporting, and scheduled searches and alerts.
  • This app has been created for the specifics of our Nagios environment (Nagios Core version 3.2.3) and it may or may not suit your specific purposes.
  • Copyright (c) 2013 Luke Harris. All Rights Reserved.


Code Repository

  • Splunk for Nagios is hosted at GitHub:
    • The beauty of the Open Source Community is that there is more to it than just submitting code (although that is most welcome, submit a pull request :) I am also keen for anyone to file a bug, suggest improvements/ideas and Requests for Enhancement: