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EBSCO Research Databases: a comprehensive online resource including:
Literary Reference Center - Explora Secondary Edition - Points of View - Referencia Latina - Novelist - Business Searching Interface - EbscoHost Image Search - Legal Information Center - Small Business Center - Explora Educator's Database

GALE Student Resources: a cross-curricular database that covers a variety of subjects from science to humanities with reference materials and periodicals. A great database to start your research.

Biography in ContextGALE Biographies: provides contextual information for current and historical figures. Merging reference content with multimedia sources, this database provides you with important information on individuals as well as other primary sources

Literature Resource CenterGALE Literature Resource Center: current and comprehensive online literature resource, provides full-text literary and critical analysis on classic and contemporary authors. 

US History in ContextGALE U.S. History: provides resources on the most significant, people, places, and events in U.S. history. Content includes more than 150 reference publications, full-text newspapers and periodicals, maps, images, videos, as well as archival materials from well-known sources. 

World History in ContextGALE World History: reaching back from the ancient world to modern day time by providing resources from a global perspective. Historical resources include primary documents, reliable references, and other multi-media content.

Opposing Viewpoints in ContextGALE Opposing Viewpoints: covers and provides reliable materials on today's current events and various controversial issues in science, politics, social studies, among other subjects. This database provides research materials that examine various topics from multiple points of view.

Global Issues in Context
GALE Global Issues: designed to support global awareness, this database ties in content that examines the most important issues and current events in the modern world. Global Issues is cross-searchable with GALE Opposing Viewpoints

Science in Context
GALE Science: an online resource containing contextual information on hundreds of today's most significant science and health topics. Users can explore millions of full-text articles, more than 200 experiments and projects, as well as reliable reference content. 
a college-level research platform that contains digitized academic journals, full-text books, and primary sources in many fields of the humanities and the arts. 

 NoodleTools: Student research platform that provides MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian citation building, bibliographies, notecards, and outlining.