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Grades K-4

September/October Skills:
Introduction of classroom environment/rules/procedures 
Ice Breaker Game - Learn "I Can" Statements
Create an "I Can" Bucket and fill it with positive statements
Assessment for reading levels/letter sounds/phonics
Basic math practice from previous year/reinforcement of previously taught skills 
Introduce Orton Gillingham Reading Program strategies (Create blending strips/finger tapping posters/vowel book)
Learn different ways to help us read and UNDERSTAND what we are reading 

October/November Skills:
Review ways to motivate our classmates and remain positive all year
Add to our "I Can" cups when we want to say something positive about ourselves or others
Progress Monitoring - Read to Miss Casale
Apply Orton/Wilson strategies when reading and segmenting sounds
Use our posters to help us read and segment sounds
Introduce RED WORDS (Sight words) - words that cannot be decoded
Practice red words weekly
Introduce digraphs - 2 letters that make 1 sound
Short and long vowels - ALWAYS REVIEW with our VOWEL TENTS
Magic E - Create our Magic E WANDS!
Read and practice our leveled sentences/red words 
Touch Math
Addition and Subtraction
Create our math vocabulary word wall 

December/January Skills: Happy 2016!
Two sounds of letter C (hard and soft c)
Two sounds of letter G (hard and soft g)
Suffixes – plural s, -ing, -ed
Three sounds of –ed (/d/, /id/, /t/)
Doubling Rule (skip becomes skipping) –Double the final consonant after a short vowel.
Vowel Teams
S blends and L blends with all short vowels
FSZL rule
Compound Words
3rd and 4th grade – continue Pinky and Rex Series – Chapter book comprehension activities – recognize challenging vocabulary words
Create our interactive notebooks!
Math- multiplication, addition and subtraction with regrouping, review basic MATH vocabulary words using our word wall

February/March Skills:
ew, ui, ue sound in various texts
oi, oy sound
Using vowel teams, patterns, etc. in our writing 
Fluency drills

April/May Skills:
Revising and editing our writing 
au, aw sound in various texts 
Earth Day reading activities 
Review ew, ui, ue
2 sounds of "oo"
Continue our fluency drills!
Consonant -le (at the end of words)
Use patterns in our writing 

June Skills:
2 sounds of y (i and e)
Review suffixes
Vowel team packets
Writing packets
Red word review from the year!
Reading Strategies!
Ask about our reading strategy song!
3 ways to be an expert reader in the summer
Which reading strategies will you use this summer?