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Savanna Oaks is proud to add a garden to its landscape.  Our mission has three parts.  First we want to provide our students with hands on learning experiences.  Through our science classes we hope to connect our students to the outdoors in an outdoor classroom.  They will experience authentic learning.  They will be able to experiment, explore, and experience real life science in a way that will be engaging and memorable.  Our second mission is to give our students the chance to experience where food comes from.  The students will have the chance to grow, plant, and harvest good and healthy foods grown right on our own campus.  Our third mission is to give the students a sense of community, working side by side with other teachers and students for a common goal.  We hope to involve our students in giving to the local food banks and community centers.  We hope that you too will consider getting involved.  Please click on the links below to find out more!

The Savanna Oaks Garden Club is looking for volunteers to

Adopt the Garden

We are looking for families who would be interested in adopting the garden for one week over the summer.

This is an opportunity to use your green thumb and take home garden fresh vegetables!

During your one week you can set your own hours to complete general care in the garden.  This would include things like:  watering, weeding, staking plants, and harvesting.

You can take home any vegetables you harvest for use with your family.

Thinking about gardening but don’t know where to begin?

Want a garden but don’t have the space?

This is a great opportunity to try out your green thumb.

No experience necessary!

Sign up with a friend or another family and make it a night out.

Click the link below to sign up!

Not into plants?

The Savanna Oaks Garden is also looking for...

High Quality Garden Soil for Garden Beds

Pea gravel

New or Gently used tools


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Google Calendar Viewer

Google For Gardeners

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Savanna Oaks Garden is accepting plant donations.  

As you are shopping for your spring planting, consider picking up an extra plant or flat of plants for our Savanna Oaks Garden!  All donations are needed by May 15th.  Donations or questions should be directed to Kim Schaaf at 845-4075 or schaafk@verona.k12.wi.us

We are looking for:

Perennials- divided from your garden (Full sun only)

10 Cilantro plants           4 Oregano Plants                   10 Basil Plants

4 tomatillo plants            12 Roma Tomato Plants        *12 Tomatoes 'Brandywine'

12 Jalapeno plants          12 Serano Pepper Plants         

6 Zucchini plants

12 Green Pepper plants    

Daylily Bulbs

4 Coneflowers (Echinacea- Perennial)      


4 Black eyed susans (Rudbeckia- Perennial)

4 Peony Plants- Perennial

5 flats- Calibrachoa Annual Flowers*

(Red, Purple, and Orange)

5 flats- Easy Wave Petunia Annual Plants* (Red, Purple, Orange)

5 flats- Marigolds*

5 Flats- Trusty Rusty Co

*Available at many retailers including Jungs Garden Center in Fitchburg