Rockville High School's New Alternative Program


This webpage is to provide the RHS community with information about our new alternative learning environment.

The Hall of Progressive Education (HOPE) runs from within Rockville High School as an alternative division under the same administration. Our goal is to provide a unique, individualized experience to aid students' success in a non-traditional, educational setting while addressing their social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs.

The program is designed to address lack of interest, absentee issues, and dropout rates. Rockville's Hall of Progressive Education (HOPE) will allow students to find success in a small and supportive environment that enables them to pursue a Rockville High School diploma while exploring their own interests and opportunities within the community.

Please click on the links at the top left corner of this page for the full overview of the program, application, and RHS student/parent handbook.

Contact Information:

       Program Director and Mentor: Rosalie McAllen
       (860) 870-6050 ext 339

       RHS Principal: Andrew Rockett
       (860) 870-6050 ext 303

       Program Social Worker/Counselor: Diane Madore
       (860) 870-6050 ext 409

HOPE is excited to be adopting a Big Picture Learning approach to education. Our educators ask themselves:

  • Do I know about my students’ individual interests and talents?
  • Do I help my students understand how learning contributes to our community and the world?
  • Can my students learn things in an order that fits their own learning style(s)?
  • Do my students have opportunities to tinker and make guesses?
  • Do my students have real choices about what, when and how to learn and demonstrate their abilities?             

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