- 250 x 150 all-weather outdoor arena

- Lighted indoor arena

- 24 12 x 10 box stalls with rubber mats

- Indoor and outdoor wash rack with hot water

- Tack room

- Laundry room

- Heated office/viewing room

- 14 turnout paddocks including 6 on grass

- Pegasus air-ride 9 horse and 5 Star air-ride 6 horse trailers for transport

- 24 hour on-site security and supervision

Training Program

Full Training - $1150
Includes daily stall cleaning, turnout, feeding 3 times daily, grain, show clipping, mane pulling, blanketing, and five lessons/training rides per week.

Consignment - $1150/month plus 15%
The full training package, plus advertising, video creation, and mailing of fliers and videos to interested parties.

Group Lesson - $50/each
2 or more students per lesson. Roughly 60 minutes.

Private Lesson - $75/each
One Hour

Beginner Private Lesson - $30-$50/each
For novices only. Includes assistance grooming and tacking up, as needed. 30-60 minutes.

Horse Shows

Hauling - Market. $125/minimum

Trainer Fee - $50/day

Grooming - $50/day

Expense Split - Market.
Lodging, gas, meals, and other expenses incurred by staff are divided equally among customer horses.