Ms. Newsome
 Welcome to our fabulous fourth grade! 

I'm Ms. Newsome and I'm sooo excited about all of the collaboration, discovery, and fun we will have this year together! 

I will be updating with pictures, videos, and announcements. 

We are going to have a "funtastic" year! 

Ms. Newsome

P.S.  I made Test and Review practice games for what we are working on in class.  You can study for any test the fun way! 

Go to:  msnewsome.weebly.com and click on the practice tab

Daily homework can be found by clicking "Class Schedule, Lesson Plans, Assignments" under "home" on the left side of this screen.

Go to the week that we are on during the school year and scroll down to find the homework in the green font.

  • Spelling homework on Monday (and you can practice for the spelling test throughout the week)
  • Math homework Monday-Thursday
  • Reading/Social Studies- Monday-Thursday during the 1st and 3rd quarters.
  • Special homework is given occasionally for projects or presentations.  Most of those we do in class, though.
  • No homework on Fridays unless it's makeup work.

Reading -Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder
 Making Pomander Apples
Making Pomander ApplesMaking Pomander Apples

Happy Thanksgiving from the 4th Graders!

Science - Studying Weather and Erosion