A Cycle Tour from Paris to the Marne riverside: As on a Sunday of the Belle Époque

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Published in November 2016

Cycling along the Marne river at Joinville-le-Pont -  Cycling guide from Paris to the Marne River by veloiledefrance.com
Cycling along the Marne river at Joinville-le-Pont

"It is a Sunday like you do not get any more, in Nogent, on the banks of the Marne... An outpouring of light and shadow, of sunny crowds, of inviting waters, of silent poplars, of well-muscled and carefree bathers, a celebration of man and woman..." - Michel Carné ("Nogent, Eldorado du dimanche")
This cycle tour invites you to go back in time and discover the unique ambiance of sunny Sundays that the Parisians of yesteryears celebrated on the banks of the Marne on their weekly day off.
We will first follow the tracks of a former rail line that linked Bastille to Nogent, now a greenway. We will then go the Bois de Vincennes, one of the green lungs of Paris with its pretty lakes, before reaching the banks of the Marne in Nogent, retracing, on cycle, the same route the travellers of the Belle Époque took from the Nogent station. We will then go along gently on cycle, along the water, lush vegetation and flowers, beautiful villas, ports, landing stages, small restaurants, and riverside picnics... You will then agree that the Sundays of the Belle Époque do still exist, and always on cycle...

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logo veloiledefrance.com Practical information

  • Departure and Arrival : train station Paris Gare de Lyon   logo rer A   logo rer D   logo rer R   logo métro 1   logo métro 14  
    The circuit starts and ends in the Gare de Lyon, at the exit Place Henri Frenay. The instructions for reaching this exit using the lift or ramps are given here.

  • Distance: 38 km (24 miles) ( you can shorten the distance up to 19 km by taking a ferry and/or train to go back. Details are explained in our guide)

  • Level: easy

  • Parking : free parking in Bois de Vincennes (see map below)

  • Bicycle rental: Paris Bike TourParis à vélo c'est sympa

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Cycling in the Bois de Vincennes park -  Cycling guide from Paris to the Marne River by veloiledefrance.com
Cycling in the Bois de Vincennes park

To see and visit on the way:

  • The René Dumont greenway: an unusual path created on the site of the former historic railway line that linked Bastille and Nogent since the 19th century.
  • The Bois de Vincennes with its English style parks and lakes.
  • The Château de Vincennes: The unique fortified castle in the middle of the city with the highest keep in Europe.
  • The Parc floral or flower garden of Paris: a lovely landscaped park for those passionate about plants.
  • The pavillon Baltard or Baltard house: the only building from the 19th century having survived the destruction of the Marché des Halles in Paris.
  • The Ile de Beauté for its « folies », the beautiful villas dating back to the beginning of the 20th century that are still standing, reminiscent of the coasts of Normandy and Brittany.
  • The famous places of the Marne riverside from the time of the Golden Twenties and of the small restaurants, taverns and dancing cafes: Nogent, Champigny, Joinville-le-Pont and Saint-Maur.
  • The legendary tavern “Chez Gégène”,a most fashionable place during the Golden Twenties and the post-war years.
Cycling along the Marne river at Nogent -  Cycling guide from Paris to the Marne River by veloiledefrance.com
Cycling along the Marne river at Nogent

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