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School:Vegan Studies

Topic 1: Vegan Cooking School

Topic 2: Vegan Living / Occupation Lessons under Vegan Living: Vegan activism Vegan schools Vegan Institutions: Peta, MFA, Inqualdad Animal, The Save Movement, Sympathy at Slaughter, FARM, Climate Vegans Vegan Sanctuaries: Esther The Wonder Pig, Romania, Dolphin Defenders St. Maartin Vegan rescue help around the world: Vegan Artists link

Topic 1: Vegan Cooking School

Lesson 1 Plant proteins

Lentils, pulses, beans Tools: Pots, frying pan

The following pulses cook in about 20 minutes on the top of the stove. Tool: Pot Cook these lentils by roasting, roasting and grinding, making flours, emulsifying in a blender, plain cooking.

Black gram aka urad dal (dahl), urid dal (dahl), matpe dal (dahl), or mapte dal (dahl) Wikipedia: Vigna mungo

Mung bean aka mung dal (dahl) Wikipedia: Mung bean

Rose lentils

Lesson 1 a Less quick cooking beans These lentils take about 50 minutes in a pot on top of the stove or about 20 minutes in a pressure cooker Tools: Pots, slow cooker, pressure cooker Black eyed peas French lentil aka masoor dal Green peas Yellow peas

Lesson 1 b Longest cooking beans These take about 90 minutes in a pot on top of the stove or about 40 minutes in a pressure cooker. They cook quicker if you soak them over night. Tools: Pots, slow cooker, pressure cooker

Black beans Channa dal a relative of the chick pea Pigeon peas aka Toor dal Red Kidney beans

Lesson 1c: Grains

Whole wheat flour


Lesson 1d: Rices Tools: Pots, rice cooker


Lesson 2: Cooking methods Shallow frying Slow cooker Pressure cooker Dry roasting Pre-soaking Rice cooker Boiling Simmering Low Boiling Steaming Double boiler Soak Soak and save Cook and save Cook and freeze

Lesson 3: Veggie Preparation

Cooking safety procedures