Veganize your school, classroom, place of worship, community

1. Scroll down to see concept web. 
2. Have a poster that says ITAAIICOMO (If there's an animal in it, count me out.)
3. Have a poster with pictures of things and where the material comes from to make these things.
    Are UGGS or crocs vegan? Is leather vegan? Show pictures of clothes and shoes that are made from "man-made" material only.
4. Have a poster with easy vegan meals like PB&J.
5. Start cooking classes with dairy, meat, and egg substitutes. Many are listed on this website.
6. Gelatin and dairy products are in almost every store-bought item. Make a list of these items and propose some substitutes. 
    Make a picture graphs of where gelatin and dairy comes from.
7. Make BBQ suggestions that don't involve any animals.
8. More to come...

Need help veganizing your class or school? Call me and I'll help any way I can. I will also fund and cook for a vegan event. Bobbie 215-531-3167 

Check out the concept web below to use as your starting point.

List of children's books
List of Children's websites
List of movies
List of motivational great speakers

Ahimsa concept web

Vegan Music

NutureLove88s Liberation - Ernesto (Original)