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Cooking lessons at a glance

USA Pulses Cooking with Pulses: How to Prepare

May 6, 2017
USA PULSES' Cooking with pulses. Just over-emphasize that legumes should be cooked all alone in water until they're fully cooked. Once fully cooked, add your spices and other ingredients.

Boe Devi's How to Cook Legumes

May 5, 2017
Boe Devi's lesson on how to cook legumes. When you know how to cook legumes, you'll be able to live on a plant-based diet the rest of your life.

Dani Lauren's Vegan TURKEY Taste Test

April 13, 2017
Dani Laureni's Vegan TURKEY Taste Test. (We agree mostly with their reviews. The vegan turkey products are amazing.)
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Boe Devi's Stuffed Eggplant - mimics turkey - for Easter and Passover

April 11, 2017
Boe Devi's Easter or Passover Stuffed Eggplant. There are just a few ingredients. It really mimics turkey.
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Comedian Carol Leifer's video on how to host a vegan seder for PETA

April 10, 2017
Comedian Carol Leifer's video on How to Host a Vegan Seder for PETA
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James Strange's Vegan Mushroom Bacon

April 7, 2017
See James Strange's Vegan Mushroom Bacon. Just 3 ingredients. Looks good.

Cheap Lazy Vegan's Five Minute Vegan Burger with The Happy Pear

April 5, 2017
See Cheap Lazy Vegan's Five Minute Burger demo with The Happy Pear. Lots of fun!
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Vegan Love Adventure's Cashew Cookie Nice Cream Sandies

April 2, 2017
See Vegan Love Adventure's 4-ingredient cashew no-bake cookies.
Filed under Nuts and Desserts

Bella Sky's 2 ingredient oatmeal cookies

April 1, 2017
See Bella Sky's 2-ingredient oatmeal cookies: Oatmeal and bananas
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Boe Devi's Whole Black Gram Fritters

March 29, 2017

Boe Devi's 1-ingredient fritter: Whole Black Gram
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Slides can be slowed down. Just hit the button in between the two arrows in the bottom left-hard corner.

Colorful Canary's Grain-Free Flax Bread using essentially one ingredient

March 25, 2017 lesson
Nice easy grain-free bread recipe by Colorful Canary using mainly one ingredient, flax seed meal. 
Filed under Seeds.

Bella Sky's Vegan Buffalo Wings

March 18, 2017 lesson
Nice easy recipe by Bella Sky using two ingredients, cauliflower and flour (lots of spices).  

Veganlovlie | Vegan Fusion-Mauritian Cooking sweet potato roti using just 2 ingredients

March 12, 2017 lesson
Nice easy video using two ingredients, sweet potatoes and wheat flour, to make some flatbread by Veganlovlie. 

NurtureLove88's Ernesto The Storm

February 26, 2017 lesson
Sunday's musical treat. Ernesto, NurtureLove88's, The Storm 

TheOfficialHungry with Chloe making Falafels and Tahini

February 13, 2017 lesson
Here's another clear and easy video on how to make falafels and tahini sauce by Chloe at TheOfficialHungry. Tahini sauce starts at 3.56.

Bella Sky's Falafel

February 12, 2017 lesson
Here's a clear and easy recipe to make falafels by Bella Sky.

Aneela Maharaj Urad Dal aka Black Gram Stew

February 4, 2017 lesson
Here's a clear and easy black gram recipe with a cooking demo by Aneela Maharaj on YouTube. Her video captures many of the things we teach here. 1) She shows a way to use a pressure cooker. (If you don't have a pressure cooker, just do what she does in a large pot. 2) Urad dal aka black gram is one of the best ever lentils. Learn more about black gram on the black gram recipes link right of here. Buy a bag online and get ready to make several staple meals shown here like rice cakes (idlies) and fried balls (vadas). 3) Aneela uses garam masala as one of her spices. She makes the point that garam masala is a mixture of various spices. As you start cooking more, you're going to start experimenting with various "prepared" spices. This can be one of your first ones. Lastly, this dish will taste just fine with the first set of ingredients she uses as you probably don't have the powdered spices she includes towards the end. Go for it. 


January 18, 2017 lesson
Slice and pan fry. 

Right Click Creations' Pongal made with mung beans and rice

January 11, 2017 lesson
Here's a wonderful lesson on making pongal. Pongal is a staple South Indian meal consisting of mung beans and rice. Substitute the ghee (clarified butter - #NotMyMomNotMyMilk) with your favorite oil. Use as many of the ingredients you know and/or add your own favorite spices to make this appropriate for your own tastes. This dish can be made as a dessert as well by changing some of the spices. You can make this in a regular pot on the stove top. You don't have to use a pressure cooker. 


Food and Travel TV's Besan flour sweet balls aka boondi laddu

January 2, 2017 lesson
This video of besan (garanzo bean) flour sweet balls aka boondi laddu, shows how the besan laddu balls recipe below is made en masse on the streets of India. See January 1st video first.

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Mrs. Vahchef Boondi Laddu

January 1, 2017 lesson
This easy dessert video shows you another recipe using besan (garbanzo bean) flour. It also shows you how to cook sugar to the right consistency for a dessert. Many recipes use ghee. As vegans, we would never use ghee (clarified butter). #NotMyMomNotMyMilk   (She mentions that it's a "baajji batter" that's the same batter as our garbanzo bean fritter batter: garbanzo bean flour and water. )

Rajshri Food's Whole mung bean aka green gram dosa

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December 28, 2016 lesson
Make your first dosa. Buy whole mung bean online and make it the way Anushruti is showing in her video. Learn more about whole mung bean by going to the mung bean link. It's a regular part of the South Indian vegan diet. Skip any ingredients you don't recognize. It'll still be a delicious meal.


NurtureLove88's Animal Liberation by Ernesto

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December 25, 2016 lesson
Beautiful song by Ernesto. Sing this song to everyone you meet today. It's beautiful. After you sing this song, no other words will be necessary.

Street Food India's cashew plant

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December 24, 2016 lesson
Fast forward through this very interesting video. It shows how cashews come to market in India. I never knew how much work was involved. I appreciate them so much more now.

Street Food India Green Pepper Fritter

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December 23, 2016 lesson
Green pepper fritter. The batter is made with besan flour, water, salt. Besan flour is chick pea flour. See the recipe and easy instructions on how to make the batter under the Chick Peas tab. The besan flour is the meal's protein.

Street Food South India Tomato Fritters

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December 22, 2016 lesson
Tomato fritter. The batter is made with besan flour, water, salt. Besan flour is chick pea flour. See the recipe and easy instructions on how to make the batter under the Chick Peas tab. The besan flour is the meal's protein.

Howcast's video on how to put out a frying pan fire

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December 21, 2016 lesson
Frying pans catch on fire quicker than you'd think. (I speak from experience!) Here's a good video on how to prevent and stop a pan fire.

FAO.Org International Year of the Pulses 2016

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December 17, 2016 lesson
2016 was called The Year of the Pulses by The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Learn more about the ways we can end hunger and save the earth just by eating pulses. Do plants! 

Raihanas Cuisines' video What is jackfruit?

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December 13, 2016 lesson
Jackfruit is a great pork-replacer. Its texture is very much like pork. Learn about jackfruit in this video. I hope to provide some lessons on how to make it pork-like in the near future.

Healthy Food Kitchen's Ven Pongal

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December 6, 2016 lesson
The video shows in the first few minutes 
1) How to DRY ROAST your lentils. This technique is referred to in many recipes. 
2) Pongal, the recipe in this video is one of our staple meals. As with nearly all recipes we need to switch out the animal products for plant-based products. In this case, replace the GHEE (clarified butter) with one of your favorite oils. Don't worry that you don't understand what she's saying. It's mostly about watching the cooking techniques over and over. Then copying it to your own satisfaction.

Food Money Food making several dishes

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December 3, 2016 lesson
The video shows meals we've learned here. They include mung dal stew with green papayas and garbanzo bean fritters. This is a vegan's complete meal.

STREET FOOD's Garbanzo Bean Fritters

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December 2, 2016 lesson
The recipe for this garbanzo bean flour fritter is under the chick pea page. This is a vegan's bacon.

STREET FOOD's Mini black gram dosas

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December 1, 2016 lesson
The recipe for this dosa (like a crepe) is under the black gram page. This is a vegan's meat.

November 26th lesson

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November 22nd lesson

Eat Be Happy's channel ChickPea flatbread recipe

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November 19th lesson

November 17, 2016: Your new sausage

November 17th lesson
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November 16th lesson

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Have you seen the United Nations' International Year of the Pulses challenge? It's very cool.