Lesson 25. Stove top and slow cooking

Instructions for cooking DRIED BEANS.


Cook any kind of bean ALL ALONE in water until they are fully cooked regardless of the type of cooking method. 

Once the beans are cooked and mushy enough for your taste, add the other ingredients. 

Beans have a skin on them that tightens up when exposed to salt and acidic ingredients such as tomatoes, lemon, sauces, etc. Salt and acidic ingredients tighten the skin. The inside of the bean will not cook. It'll stay rock hard regardless of how long you cook them because the skin has tightened and it won't let any water get inside.

We believe that the biggest complaint people have about eating beans - having tummy and gas issues - is a direct result of the beans not having been cooked thoroughly. When beans aren't cooked properly, people are essentially eating uncooked beans. 

Cook all beans ALL ALONE in water until they are fully cooked. I hope I'm clear.

Here's approximately how long it takes to cook the various DRIED beans using three different cooking methods using my equipment. 

Stove Top Pressure Cooker Slow Cooker
Black gram, split  20 min  -  -
Mung beans, split  20 min  - -
 Red lentils  20 min  -  -
 French lentils  40 min  20 min  -
 Green peas  50 min  20 min  -
 Pardina lentils  50 min  20 min  -
 Yellow sweet peas 50 min  20 min  -
 Black beans  3 hours  50 min  5 hours
 Fave beans  3 hours  50 min  5 hours
 Garbanzo  3 hours  50 min  5 hours
 Kidney  3 hours  50 min  5 hours
Pigeon peas aka Toordal  3 hours  50 min  5 hours

In order to have a ready supply of cheap, delicious beans, it’s a good idea to consider keeping a slow-cooker going every day by cooking one bean or another. By preparing your various beans in advance, you'll always have a ready amount to add to your ingredients and other veggies. Get in the habit of freezing small baggies of cooked beans so you’ll always have something to whip into a meal. 

Soaking beans, while not necessary, helps speed up the process when you intend to cook on the stove top. Put some beans to soak on your counter top every night before going to bed. (If you aren’t able to cook them the next day, just put them in the frig. They’ll keep for several days. Rinse the water after a few days in the frig.) 

Since pressure cookers cook in a fraction of the time, it's definitely worth buying one. It'll pay for itself within a few months.

Quick soak method for dried beans

Quick soak method for dried beans

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