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Lesson 13. Assignment: What's your GYTTD? What store-bought vegan foods help to Get You Through The Day?

Below is a list of products we love to use when we're too busy to cook. 

Student, R's, GYTTD:
Tinned and dried: black eyed beans/ peas; black beans; kidney beans; aduki (also spelled adzuki) beans; chickpeas
Tinned no added salt tomatoes
Almond milk
Trader Joe's -  LightLife Smart Tenders Savory Chicken (NB this is not a "private label" brand)
Gardein Home-Style Beefless Tips


Student, P's, GYTTD:
Canned Chickpeas
Black beans
Veggie Burgers (Gardein)
Veggie sausage(Lightlife)
Beefless ground (Gardein)

Boe's GYTTD:
Frozen fava beans
Peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
Parboiled rice and any frozen veggie with soy sauce


Marianne Bessey's lunch

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