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Lesson 29. Water-sautéing

Since we're trying to avoid oil, here's a lesson on how to water-saute your ingredients. 

The videos assigned here might be long and having a little more advanced recipes. Since this lesson is just about watching how others water-saute, you don't have worry about the whole dish. It's just about the technique of water-sautéing. 

Go to 2.40 minutes to see water-sautéing.

Go to 2.40 to see water-sautéing.

Roasted Garlic Alfredo

Low Fat Vegan No Oil Thanksgiving Lentil-Mushroom Loaf

Water saute starts at 4 minutes on this video. Still it's a great demo. 

Healthy Vegan Recipes - HOME FRIES - Oil Free - SOS Free

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