Lesson 14. Trick your palate with sensory substitutions

This page is to give some ideas how to satisfy long-used kinds of food with vegan foods and still find some of the same enjoyment.  Send us yours and we'll post them here. Thank you! Boe@VeganCookingLessons.Org 

Longer list and pictures or demo videos coming soon! Please keep checking back. Thank you!

Instead of 

Calamari use tindora 
Chicken nuggets use lentil-rice nuggets or pancakes.
Steak use zuccini and/or eggplant and cut it length-wise. Fry it up with plenty of oil on a hot pan or bbq. Use the same seasonings you'd put on the steak. 
Chicken soup use rose lentil broth, toordal broth, mung bean broth, etc.
Omelettes made with eggs use basan flour or urad dal flour

Eggs has a whole list of substitutes - coming soon.