Lesson 1. Safety guide

In this lesson, you will learn some safety procedures when cooking.  

This lesson to learn some how to practice safety precautions when you're cooking  will take about 15 minutes. 

If you read only one thing: NEVER EVER leave something cooking on the stove unsupervised. (I speak from experience.) A pot with a little oil it in can bring a whole house down in flames in a few minutes. If you're distracted, turn the burners off (no matter how late you are in getting food on the table and no matter how little time you think you'll be stepping away. TURN THE BURNERS OFF and attend to your matters.

Here are the safety websites where I learned important things.

National Fire Protection Association

Red Cross


Frying pans catch on fire quicker than you'd think. (I speak from experience!) Here's a good video on how to prevent and stop a pan fire.

Howcast's video on how to prevent and douse a pan fire

Also consider having a medical kit nearby for burns. Watch pets who get underfoot in the kitchen. While I encourage you to involve children in your food preparations, keep them away from the stove and sharp knives. Develop awareness in the home about the importance of being safe while cooking.

Practice safety at all times by becoming an expert in safety procedures.

No medical advice
I’m just a cooker, a teacher, and an eater. I’m just sharing some cooking approaches and recipes in this booklet. I have no medical training and I don’t pretend to know anything about medicine or diet. This website and its free eBooklet is just about how to cook without involving the use of animals. I live by ITAAIICoMO (If there’s an animal in it, count me out.) You are totally responsible for your own food consumption and preparation, safety, and health. By reading this free material, you are agreeing to not hold me liable for a single thing. I do this just to help animals, human and non-humans alike. I don't earn any money from anything I teach online. 

This lesson is done.