Lesson 13. Oil plays a big part

 Lesson about how to use oil to its best advantage. (From page 47 in eBooklet.)

Oil is the “disseminator of spices”. So we fry up our spices in a separate frying pan all ALONE with oil. Then we add the fried spices to all the other ingredients. (We happen to have a fry pan specifically designated for frying our spices. We call it "the fry pan”!) Once all the spices including the onions and/or garlic and/or ginger are fried up, we add this cocoction of oil and spices to the other pan where the beans are waiting.  Get used to frying up your spices as a discrete task.

Because oil is “the disseminator of spices”, you might also try changing your oil for a change. It'll add a much-needed oomph to your meals if you’ve hit a rut. 

This lesson is done.  

Coconut oil is delicious but it's hard to get out of the bottle. So we leave the bottle near our daily heat-generating sources like a slow cooker, a portable heaters, or near the fire place. Coconut oil is also great on your skin. 


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Sesame oil
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Soy oil - our favorite for frying this crispy
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Olive oil
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