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Lesson 20. Vegan Cooking for Large Crowds

Cooking for Large Crowds like School Lunch Programs, Soup Kitchens, Relief Efforts, and Parties

The lessons and recipes below are particularly good ways to feed lots of people well with a little money. Since the ingredients to make vegan meals don’t spoil easily, they don’t require lots of refrigeration. The ingredients can be deployed and cooked fresh in faraway places with only a gas burner. Transportation and storage costs are minimal.
These recipes would be good for schools, non-profits, cafeterias, and other entities that have to feed lots of people. The recipes are also easily adaptable to different tastes and ages. With these recipes, you can feed a person a protein-complete and satisfying meal for about US$ 3.00. These recipes are what we eat in my home every single week.

1.  Pongal, the meal (rice and mung lentils)

     Pongal, the dessert (rice and mung lentils)
     Pongal, the baby food (rice and mung lentils)

     Chicken nugget replacer   (white and brown rice and black gram lentils)

3.  Oopma (Upma), the meal (cream of wheat)
     Keesari, the dessert (cream of wheat)
     Upma, the baby food (cream of wheat)

4.  Idli - rice dumplings (white rice and black gram lentils)

5.  Sauces / stew accompaniments
     The miracle of regular (french) lentils. They feel and taste like meat in nearly all sauces and stews.
     Peanut sauce

6.  Rice dishes
     Lemon rice
     Coconut rice
     Black gram rice
     Rice pilaf

7.  Dressings including chutneys. Chutneys are like a chunky, thick salad dressing. 
     Coconut chutney 
     Peanut chutney
     Cashew chutney

                Almond milk
                Oat milk
                Soy milk and yogurt

9.  Samosa and fried hand foods

10. Sweet potatoes