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103 Rules and bla, bla, bla

1. Be courteous to each other, period. If you're not sure something sounds nasty, don't say it. 

2.  We do not have any medical knowledge and we don't espouse to have any. Use your own judgement in what you eat. We're just demonstrating how to put certain ingredients together to make food. We don't know if it's healthy or not. 

3. We use a lot of other cooks' videos to demonstrate various cooking techniques. Those cooks might be using animals or animal products in their meals. We would never condone doing that. We're just showing a particular cooking technique not the ingredient. 

4. Some of the assignments in this course ask for pictures and videos of your work. If you submit a video or picture, we're going to assume we may use it in future courses. (Did I mention this is the first online class?) Unfortunately, we don't have time to keep track of and acknowledge your work in future courses. If you want your pictures or videos to be recognized in future courses, and we really would like you to be, put your name somewhere in the middle of the picture so it won't get cropped out. That would be a good way for your work to be recognized without us having to keep track. We'd love for your work to be recognized, so please make sure you're name is clear. 

5. If you don't want your work used in future courses, don't submit pictures or videos. This won't count against you. We just don't have the ability to keep these things organized.  If there's a multimedia submission, we'll consider it ours for future use. 

6. This is the first instance of the Vegan Cooking Lessons online course. We'd love your honest feedback and suggestions at the end so we can improve the course. 

With gratitude, Boe