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Lesson 11. Protein amounts and cook times of most legumes

September 2016

Below is a list of most legumes and the amount of protein in an ounce of the legumes. An ounce of legumes, or beans, is about the amount that fits in your cupped palm. The list has the average cost for a pack of legumes, which is typically 16 ounces (oz.). Depending on how the legumes are cooked, 16 oz. can feed many more than four people. 

The list shows how much time it takes to cook the various legumes from scratch using various cooking methods. The four cooking methods are: Cooking on the stove top without having soaked the beans, cooking on the stove top after having soaked the beans (and all vegan homes should have some beans soaking in water at all times), cooking using a pressure cooker, and cooking using a slow cooker, aka crock pot.  

Many of the items on this list can be gotten at your regular grocery store and at your local "International" or Indian grocery store. You can also get nearly all of the legumes online at places like Amazon. Click on the image to make it larger, then use the back arrow to come back to this page. There is only one page. There is also a printable pdf at the bottom of the page. Write to me at Boe@VeganCookingLessons.Org if you can't print it out or if you can't find an item. Thank you. 

(Learn how to calculate your own protein requirements by using Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine, PCRM.Org, protein calculator formula. It is:   
Body weight (in pounds) x 0.36 = recommended protein intake (in grams)*  

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