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Lesson 13. Oil plays a big, bad part

Lesson about how to use oil to its best advantage. 

At home, we don't use oil now that we know the part it plays in a multitude of horrible illnesses. When I quite oil, I lost 25 lbs in a few months just by quitting oil! Everything felt better. The taste that oil gives is just not worth all the agony. 

But it you feel you can't quite break the habit for one reason or another, use it sparingly. 

Sparing use of oil

When spicing up a pot of spaghetti sauce, cooked beans, or any other cooked food, use a little oil in a pan to fry up the spices you're going to use. Then add it to the pot of food.

In a small frying pan, add a few tablespoons of oil (though water is preferable)
Add your spices in the frying pan.
Fry it up
Add it to your cooked beans and other dishes.

The other time we use oil is when we're trying to win over meat-eaters to a plant-based diet. We've found that soy oil makes things crispy. 

Shallow fry bean burgers and other mashed up bean concoctions such as dosa balls. 
Remember to drain fried foods on a paper towel so as to reduce your own intake. 

Having made the transition ourselves from meat-, dairy-, egg-eaters to plant-based eaters, we found that it was the fried oiliness we missed.  We found our journey to a plant-based diet easier when we could reward ourselves once a week with some fried food.  

We're just cookers, teachers, animal lovers, and eaters. We don't have any medical advice to share. 

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