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Spice bases: Lesson 10. Create a list of your spice bases

What are your favorite combinations of spices? What are your "spice bases"? 

We believe that most people eat nearly the same groups of spices on a regular basis. The groups of spices vary by ethnicity of the meal. We call these combinations of spices our bases. In this lesson, you will start to develop your own groups of spices, called “spice bases”. This way, every meal will be tailored to your own liking. 


When you make a spaghetti sauce, you’ll probably have a group spices that you always use. What are those spices?
When you are making a garden salad, you’ll probably use another group of spices. What are those spices?

Most of this "base" selection happens unconsciously at every meal you prepare. So all you're going to do in this lesson is to give thought to and document your favorite group of spices for different types of meals. See my examples below. Copy them if you like. 

This lesson is done!

Assignment: Come up with a list of groups of spices you like. (See my "spice bases" below.)

Your task is to write down the group of spices or “spice bases” you like. Give them a name so you wind up referring to the groups of spices by names.  

Since these are cooking lessons, as opposed to just a set of recipes, it makes sense that you learn to articulate the spices you like with your meals. You’ll be using your “bases” in the meals you make. Until you’ve been able to list the spice combinations you like, i.e. your bases, you’ll use ours. Below is my list of ingredient-combinations, my bases. I’ll refer to them in recipes using these labels.

Below are my bases. I've labeled them by giving them a "base name" that makes sense to me and below the name are the list of ingredients.

What are your bases’ names and their ingredients? Start making up your lists.  Share them with us.

Here's I've put my bases into a table for easy reference.

Base name:

Ingredients in the base:

Bobbie’s American 1 base

Salt, large cracked black pepper.

Bobbie’s American 2 base

Salt, red chilies

Bobbie’s Italian 1 base

Salt, garlic, oregano, red chilies

Bobbie’s Italian 2 base

Salt, garlic, basil, red chilies

Bobbie’s Mexican base

Salt, paprika, red chilies, cumin.

Bobbie’s South Indian 1 base

salt, cumin, diced fresh ginger, curry leaves.

Bobbie’s South Indian 2 base

Salt, mustard seeds, red chilies, asoefatida, sambhar powder.

Bobbie’s South Indian  3 base

Salt, mustard seeds, red chilies, diced fresh ginger, asoefatida.

Bobbie’s South Indian 4 base

Salt, cumin, diced fresh ginger, curry leaves, asoefatida  red chilies.

Your bases’ names?

Their ingredients.