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Lesson 54. How to cook beans, lentils, and pulses once and for all

Beans are essentially plant seeds. Beans are also called legumes, lentils, pulses, dahls, daals, and gram depending on the plant and region where they are eaten most. 

Beans have a skin. This skin will tighten up if exposed to acidic foods and salt. When the skin tightens it prohibits the insides of the bean from getting cooked. This tightening of the skin results in beans not getting thoroughly cooked and this results in beans being hard to digest. This often results in tummy discomfort which is a common complaint. 

  1. Rinse beans once and check for little stones.
  2. Cook dried beans all alone in water alone until fully cooked. Set them aside. (This applies to all methods of cooking such as when using a slow-cooker, pressure cooker, stove top pot.)
  3. In another pan, fry up your other ingredients such as veggies and spices.
  4. Mix the cooked beans and cooked veggies and spices together according to your liking.Now you know how to cook beans.