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Lesson 15. How long does it take to cook?

This lesson will show you how long it takes to cook the various DRIED beans using the three different methods. 

Stove TopPressure CookerSlow Cooker
Link to recipes made with this lentil
Black gram, split 20 min - - 
Mung beans, split 20 min -- 
 Red lentils 20 min - - 
 French lentils 40 min 20 min - 
 Green peas 50 min 20 min - 
 Pardina lentils 50 min 20 min - 
 Yellow sweet peas50 min 20 min - 
 Black beans 3 hours 50 min 5 hours 
 Fave beans 3 hours 50 min 5 hours 
 Garbanzo 3 hours 50 min50 min 5 hours 
 Kidney 3 hours 50 min 5 hours 
Pigeon peas aka Toordal 3 hours 50 min 5 hours 

Until you feel comfortable with your own repertoire of recipes, it’s a good idea to consider keeping a slow-cooker going every day in order to be able to have some every-day beans cooking to keep yourself well-fed. 

Get into the habit of freezing small baggies of cooked beans so you’ll always have something ready to whip up into a meal. 

Soaking beans, while not necessary, always helps speed the process along when you intend to cook your beans on the stove top. Putting some legumes to soak on your countertop every night before going to bed is a great idea. (If you aren’t able to cook them the next day, just put them in the frig. They’ll keep for several days.) 

Start learning the fried items first. I believe that that is what most meat-eaters miss when they first give up eating meat. I believe you can use more oil than you otherwise would because by giving up meat, dairy, and eggs, you’re already giving up a lot of fat. Ease yourself into a lifelong vegan diet by pampering yourself in small ways that will work for you. 

Be prepared to feed yourself. That means you’ll have to cook for yourself. I haven’t found any other way to manage the transition to a vegan diet. Get into the habit of freezing parts, say a third, of every meal you make so you have a nice go-to stash for times when you can’t cook. 

It is definitely worth buying a pressure-cooker to reduce your cooking time. 

Make it a practice to have some beans soaking on your counter top every night as beans cook quicker on the stove top when they’ve been soaked overnight. 

Make it a practice to have a slow-cooker on every night when you go to bed. 

Make it a practice to freeze some of the beans you’ve cooked. 

(Always cook beans in water ALONE without salt or any other ingredients.) 

This lesson is done!