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Start at Lesson 1 and just keep going. 

Watch the videos and read the articles. Do the assignments. Most assignments will be in the form of sending a picture or video of the food you've made. If you aren't able to send a picture, just send a sentence or two about your results.  

If you need help, go to discussion page and post questions, answers or write to me at Boe@VeganCookingLessons.Org. 

Note: There might be videos showing a certain cooking technique where they're using animal products. We would never condone using any animals or animal products in our food. We are just emphasizing a particular cooking technique. 

Our YouTube channel, VeganCookingSchool.Org, has all the videos listed in playlists. If you want to learn more about, say, cooking potatoes, just watch all the videos under the Potato playlist. Please help us by subscribing to the channel.

For personal satisfaction, consider noting down your weight and other heath measurements to see how things improve. Keep it to yourself. You might also make note of how the cost of your food has changed since going plant-based.   

Thanks for being here. 

Have fun!

Boe Devi (pronounced BOO DAVEY)     

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