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We are thrilled and grateful that Canvas Instructure, Inc. is allowing us to run this course on their learning management system for free! If you aren't already familiar with Canvas, you'll find it's easy to navigate. It's intuitive. Just go around. It's best if you start the classes from the Modules area on the left hand side of the site. 

Watch the videos and read the articles. Do the assignments. Most assignments will be in the form of sending a picture or video of the food you've made. If you aren't able send a picture, just send a sentence or two about your results.  

If you need help, go to discussion page and post questions, answers. Check the discussions page regularly to see if anyone has posted there.

Note: There might be videos showing a certain cooking technique where they're using animal products. We would never condone using any animals or animal products in our food. We are just emphasizing a particular cooking technique. 

This course will end on March 31, 2019. But don't worry, the class will be copied on the VeganCookingLessons.Org website. All the content will be there except for the classroom discussions. Encourage your friends to sign up for the next free class starting on March 1, 2019 or let them know the course will be on the website. 

YouTube: VeganCookingSchool.Org Please subscribe, like, and press that bell next to the Subscribe button on the YouTube channel. That's where we hope to have live discussions, etc. Also if you go to the Playlists area, you'll see we have videos liked by cooking topic. If you feel you lack confidence in making something, say rice, just watch all of the "rice" videos. Watching people cook is one of the ways you learn to cook. You don't need to speak the language of the video. You don't need to have the ingredients being used in the videos. Just learn the technique and use your own spice bases. 

For personal satisfaction, consider noting down your weight and other heath measurements to see how things improve. Keep it to yourself. You might also make note of how the cost of your food has changed since going plant-based.   

Thanks for being here.

Have fun!

Boe Devi (pronounced BOO DAVEY)