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Lesson 28. Pressure cooker instructions

In the upcoming lesson on rice, we'll tell you that having a rice cooker is one of the most helpful tools for plant-based living. Owning a pressure cooker is the next most valuable. Unlike rice cookers, which can be found at second-hand stores for a few dollars, pressure cookers should be bought brand new. Below are some demonstrations.

Follow the instructions for your particular pressure cooker. They can be dangerous as the ingredients are very hot and under pressure. Never leave a pressure cooker unattended. If you have to leave, turn the burner off.


How to make black eyed peas meal (VeganCookingLessons.Org)

How to pressure cook red kidney beans (VeganCookingLessons.Org)

Black eyed peas meal (VeganCookingLessons.Org)

Red kidney beans (VeganCookingLessons.Org)

Pressure cooker demo starts at 0.40 minutes

Chilli Chana Recipe - Restaurant Style Crunchy Chickpeas - CookingShooking


Here's approximately how long it takes to cook the various DRIED beans using three different cooking methods using my equipment.  

Stove Top Pressure Cooker Slow Cooker
Black gram, split  20 min  -  -
Mung beans, split  20 min  - -
 Red lentils  20 min  -  -
 French lentils  40 min  20 min  -
 Green peas  50 min  20 min  -
 Pardina lentils  50 min  20 min  -
 Yellow sweet peas 50 min  20 min  -
 Black beans  3 hours  50 min  5 hours
 Fave beans  3 hours  50 min  5 hours
 Garbanzo  3 hours  50 min  5 hours
 Kidney  3 hours  50 min  5 hours
Pigeon peas aka Toordal  3 hours  50 min  5 hours

In order to have a ready supply of cheap, delicious beans, get in the habit of freezing small baggies of cooked beans so you’ll always have something to whip into a meal. 

Since pressure cookers cook in a fraction of the time, it's definitely worth buying one. It'll pay for itself within a few months.

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