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115 How much protein do I need?





Protein requirements

Since many people eat animals “because they need their protein”, we thought we’d show you how to calculate your own approximate protein requirement by using the formula provided by the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Body weight X 0.36 = Approximately the number of grams of protein recommended daily

A person weighing 135 lbs (61 kgs) needs to eat about 49 grams of protein a day.
One gram of lentils gives about 7 grams of protein.
One gram of lentils is about the size of a US quarter coin.
So a person would need to eat about 7 quarter-sizes of dried lentils a day.

We've learned from many of the plant-based doctors in this course that you just don't need to "count your grams of protein" as they've never seen anyone with protein deficiency. Also, we've learned that you get protein from all your veggies and starches too.