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104 Special requests

  1. This is our first version of this online course. We intend to expand the course in other languages. If you're fluent in another language and have an interest in translating our work and/or running a class yourself, let us know. Write to Boe at Boe@VeganCookingLessons.Org.

  2. We have another course coming soon called VeganCookingsWithoutBorders.Org. We don't have the structure completely worked out yet. But the idea is that we have enough vegan cooks around the world who are interested in providing pop-up vegan meals in areas of natural disasters or great need. The course will provide enough information for you to do that. Let us know if you're interested in participating by writing it in the demographic survey coming up. Please stand by for more info.

  3. We have a children's book about veganism ready to go. We just need help with some illustrations. If you can help with illustrations of vegetables and animals, we'd be so appreciative. Write to Boe@VeganCookingLessons.Org.

  4. If you find better videos to demonstrate a certain technique, send us those. 

  5. If a link isn't working, let us know.

  6. By submitting your videos and pictures, you're allowing us to use your work in future classes without attribute. If you want to be recognized - and we believe you should be - put your name somewhere in the middle of the picture so it won't get cropped out over time. We'd love for you to be recognized. If you don't want your work used, don't submit pictures or videos. Just submit a sentence about your cooking assignment. It won't count against you. 

Thank you!