November 2018

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Cooking Lessons

Lesson 11. Egg-replacers

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Helpful strategies for Going Vegan 

1.1. Animal-less living in a fast-paced world: ITAAIICoMO (If there's an animal in it, count me out.) - This lesson is done! 

1.2. Have you decided to start a vegan diet?
      First, decide what plant protein you like the best and learn new recipes for your favorite plant protein.
      Then continue to learn more ways to cook plant proteins. (Example: If you love peanuts, find some
      recipes to cook everything with peanuts until you learn how to cook other vegan
      dishes. This will get you over the hump initially.) In general, any kind of bean and rice and some
      veggie will help you get started. The smaller the bean, the quicker they cook, the easier the transition is
      Also, I never leave my house without a few PB&Js on whole wheat. That's my salvation. This lesson is done!
1.3. Tips for successful transition to plant-based dietThis lesson takes 2 minutes. 

1.5. What's your "base"? - One minute.  
1.6. How to de-gas your beansTwo minutes.  
1.8. Tools for this course - This is not really a lesson. It's a list of things to use in this course.  

1.9. Learn how to cook the various plant-based proteins This lesson takes five minutes. 
        a. How to cook beans and legumes - 2 minutes <--- the most important lesson on this site  This lesson takes 5 minutes. 

1.10 GYTTD, Get You Through The Days, are foods that you can grab on your way out the door that will GYTTD. This is not a lesson it's a list.

1.11 Helpful list of groceries for your home, Vegan Grocery List. You can buy your groceries on a by-recipe basis. This is not a lesson it's a list. 

Congrats. You're done with part 1. Now take this quiz. - 5 minutes

Now on to the cooking part

2.1. a. How to cook beans and legumes - 2 minutes <--- the most important lesson on this site  This lesson takes 5 minutes.

         No pressure-cooker legumes aka stove top  This lesson takes 15 minutes.

         Pressure-cooker legumes This lesson takes 15 minutes.

         Slow-cooking This lesson takes 15 minutes.

2.3.b. Plant milks This lesson takes 50 minutes.
            Almond milk  This lesson takes 50 minutes.
            Oat milke   This lesson takes 50 minutes.
            Soy milk and yogurt  This lesson takes 50 minutes.

2.3.c. Grains This lesson takes 5 minutes.

2.3.d. Egg-replacers see Hen-Savers  This is not a lesson it's a list.

2.4.   Veggie Handling These are lessons showing you how to prepare various veggies. 
        Ash Gourd
        Coriander / celantro

2.5.   Vegan Grocery List This is not a lesson it's a list.

Here I am cooking and serving food for the screening of The Ghosts in Our Machine. We served about 70 people. Photo: Linda D. Adams