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Black gram: Whole black gram fritters. Your vegan sausage.

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Whole Black Gram Fritters / Pancakes
1 cup whole black gram
tap water

Small diced veggies like onions, green peppers, whatever you like.

Fry pan
  1. Soak whole black gram for about 30 minutes or overnight. 
  2. Grind the concoction in a blender for a several minutes until it has a ketchup-like texture. Grind it until it is ground more than coarse but not finely ground. 
    1. You need to do this in stages until you learn how much your blender can process without spilling over. Make note of how much this is. It'll speed up your processing time.
    2. If you ever add too much water and don't any any more soaked mixture, just add some rice flour to thicken it. (Rice flour is just finely-ground rice done in a blender.) 
  3. Blend salt in and taste for salt. You'll always need to use much more than you would anticipate. We start with 1.5 teaspoon per cup of ingredients and we still add more along the way. Make note of how much you use for future batches. 
  4. Store the batter in a large bowl or container with a plate underneath. Black gram tends to ferment (which is what we love about it) so leave ample room in the container for it to ferment and grow. 
Now that you have your batter ready, your ready to make your fritters / pancakes. 
  1. Pour some oil in a frying pan (soy aka veggie oil happens to make these fritters crispy) and pour a spoon full of the batter.
  2. Add some diced vegetables on top of the pancake now.
  3. Once you see some bubbles, flip the pancakes.
  4. Once both sides are crispy brown, remove from the pan and set on a paper towel to catch excess oil
  5. Serve hot with your favorite condiments or a veggie stew. 
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