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Plant milk: Soy milk and yogurt

All plant milks are made the same way:
    Soak 1 cup beans/ nuts / grains in about 8 cups tap water (start with 6 cups and add more if you like)
    Grind beans / nuts / grains in a blender until it has consistency of tomato paste 
    Strain the pulverized beans / nuts / grains through a sieve of some kind
    Add 1/4 c sugar, 1 ts vanilla or almond extract if you like.
    Drink and refrigerate.

Soy Milk and Yogurt from Scratch

Lesson on making soy milk and yogurt from scratch using probiotics. 

        Time to make milk: 50 minutes
        Time to make yogurt: 50 minutes
        Time to soak beans: 12 hours 
        Ingredients: 1 cup dried soy beans, 8 cups tap water, 4 dried prunes for yogurt, 
        4 caplets probiotic called Probiota 12 (all info is in the lesson).
        Optional ingredients: 1/4 cup sugar (or raisins, plums, dates), 
        1 ts  vanilla or almond extract, pinch of salt. 
        If you have access to vegan yogurt, use 3 teaspoons of that as the yogurt starter
        instead of probiotic.
        Tools needed: A blender, a strainer, some large bowls or jars, a double boiler.    Time to eat: 90 minutes 

YouTube Video

Lesson on making soy milk and yogurt from using vegan yogurt.  


Slideshow lesson at
Here is a link to another person's short lesson on how to make soy milk. I liked it and I used it. 

Please send pictures of your soy milk.I'll post them here. Thank you! Boe@VeganCookingLessons.Org 

Soy milk by Marge Buchanan

YouTube Video

Soy milk by Mayank in Vapi, Gujarat, India 

I didn't filter it with cloth... I just tried to make it as thin as possible by crushing it in my mixer. I added only three cups of water because I think too much of water will dilute its nutrients.  There are some little minute chunks settling down but I don't mind that. I'm thinking to eat this every morning with my breakfast. (Will add some sugar and Chocolate powder in it for better taste).